La Bottega del Mandolino


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Luthiers for over 30 years in handcraft sector of plectrum instruments and restoration of all stringed instruments.

Based on research on the satisfaction and quality perceived by musicians, our instruments provide their maximum sound quality with
Optima Strings.

Our Instruments

The traditional instruments realization as Mandolino, Mandola, Mandoloncello and Lutes at 4 and 5 choirs, it's based on the antique Liuteristica Neapolitan tradition, beginning from selection of different types of wood for best quality. High precision and excellent sound intonation.

Antique Instruments

The "collection" of antique instruments is made up of mandolin, guitar and strings, each preserves its sound typical of Epoque to which it belongs.


Restoration on all types of stringed instruments. Our experience is based on antique building techniques. Our "operations" are comparable to a real surgery.


Exclusive section dedicated to construction of special instruments, miniature, Special Guest and Musicians in visits to our laboratory, also reviews and videos.